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Thinking about making a change?

Options provides specialist treatment for alcohol, gambling and gaming addictions – from recognising the signs and understanding triggers, to one to one and group support. If you think you may require support or know someone who would benefit, please get in touch.

Alcohol addiction

Alcohol plays a role in many of our lives and used in moderation carries relatively low risks. However, some people can become reliant upon alcohol to cope. Options can help you understand the function of alcohol in your life, and find ways of addressing the needs it fulfils in a healthier way.

Gambling addiction

Compulsive gambling is the uncontrollable urge to keep gambling and is often used to escape from other problems or pressures. Understanding the role it plays in your - or a loved one's life - can be an important first step in beating the problem.

Gaming addiction

COMING SOON: Gaming Addiction Workshops

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