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Alcohol Addiction

Thinking about changing your drinking habits?

Alcohol plays an important role in many of our lives today. It is a readily available mind and mood altering substance which when used in moderation carries relatively low risks.

For some people however those mind and mood altering properties of alcohol can be used to change how they feel, enabling them to feel more confident, relaxed, less stressed, happier and generally better able to cope with life.

Whilst occasional use of alcohol in this way is not problematic, some people can become reliant upon alcohol to cope with their feelings and managing the difficulties of life.

Alcohol is a drug and as with all drugs our bodies increase our tolerance towards it and you can find yourself needing more and more alcohol to have the same effect. This tolerance can creep up upon you and you may become psychologically and eventually physically dependent, as well as causing increasingly high risks to your emotional, physical and mental health and well being.


  • Drinking increasing amounts of alcohol.
  • Friends and family commenting on your drinking
  • Finding it harder to concentrate
  • Not being able to remember the night before
  • Finding it harder to meet financial commitments
  • Clock watching until time for a drink
  • Becoming irritable or shaky when you haven’t had a drink
  • Help and support

    Options specialist Alcohol practitioners can help you to understand the function of alcohol in your life, and support you in finding ways of addressing the needs it fulfils in a healthier, more effective way.

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