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New Year, new you? Take your time

By the Options Wellbeing Team


For many, the festive period offers a chance for family and friends to come together and enjoy each other’s company.

A strange time

While the yuletide can be a time of happiness, there’s a strange period between Boxing Day and New Year’s Day, where there’s an odd lull. People may keep eating, drinking, and enjoying themselves, but sometimes also start to reflect on their life in the new year and beyond. People sometimes eat up the Christmas leftovers quickly ready for the new year.


Overindulging in food and drink and spending most of the festive period at home leads many people during this time to say things like ‘I’m going to lose weight after New Year’, ‘I definitely need to do more exercise soon’ or ‘I need to make real changes in my life next year’.


While many of us may have these thoughts into the new year, it’s important to remember not to put too much pressure on yourself. Instead of thinking about a huge and perhaps unrealistic resolution, think about smaller good intentions you can put in place. This might be choosing to eat healthily 90% of the time and allowing treats within your plan so you don’t feel like a failure when you break your Resolution and then further indulge and end up feeling guilty. Take a measured approach. One that is humane and kind to yourself.

Festive pressures

Doing more exercise, leading a healthier life, or making life changes can all be positive things. But if you find you’re shaming yourself or putting too much pressure on yourself, it’s possible you will struggle to cope. Pushing yourself too hard to find your ‘new you’ can quickly lead to feelings of anxiety, stress, or depression, which will negatively affect your life.

It’s about balance

Take it steady. While you may want to make changes quickly, don’t overload yourself. Break down your New Year’s resolutions into smaller, more achievable goals. Once you start to be successful, you may find you adopt a positive frame of mind and your mental wellbeing will be better maintained.

Too much pressure

We understand that for some people the pressure may get too much. Whether it’s struggling with knowing where to go in life, coming to terms with what you want, or realising that you need to make a change, we’re here for you.


Our trained team of counsellors and therapists are on hand to help if you would like some support.

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