BlogDealing with addictions once the festivities have ended

Dealing with addictions once the festivities have ended

By the Options Wellbeing Team


Dealing with addictions once the festivities have ended

We’ve been through possibly the jolliest season of the year and come out the other side, but for people with addictions, they may still be reeling from the festivities as things were exacerbated for them. Family, friends and financial pressures can lead to someone’s addiction spiralling out of control and this can spill over into these early months of the year.

With everyone making New Year’s Resolutions in January, it can seem like the best time to try and tackle addiction, but recovery isn’t a one-time decision. It needs careful planning and goals need to be realistic. Therefore, now in February, don’t feel that the time has passed to take action and to start on your journey to recovery.

Take one day at a time

Addiction is something that you might deal with in a different way daily, so to maintain your recovery through the rest of the year, it’s important to take one day at a time. Just focusing on getting through one day is much less daunting than thinking about the rest of the week, month or year.

Forgive yourself for small setbacks

Coping with change isn’t easy, so if you do suffer a small setback, recognise it and be kind to yourself. This will help you ensure you stay committed.

Attend local meetings and support groups

You will need a support system behind you and while friends and family can help to an extent, it’s always useful to talk to people that really understand what you’re going through. These groups will provide resources as well as people to lean on.

We provide specialist treatment for alcohol, gambling and gaming addictions – from recognising the signs and understanding triggers, to one to one and group support. If you think you may require support or know someone who would benefit, please get in touch.

We can provide someone who is trained to listen attentively and help improve things. We also offer a free, friendly initial consultation to everyone and you can talk to us via our chatbot on our website homepage too.


If you, or someone else is in immediate danger, please contact 999 or the Samaritans on 116 123.