Floatation Therapy

Relax your mind, body and soul. 

Immerse yourself in a zero-gravity floatation therapy experience, followed by a brief wellness session with a wellbeing professional. Learn about the four pillars of wellness and techniques on how you can maintain good mental health & wellbeing.
Options Wellbeing has teamed up with Limitless Float in Southampton to offer a NEW wellbeing experience for you and a friend. Starting January 2023.


£99 for 2 people*

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A partnership between:

Limitless Float - Southampton
Options Wellbeing - Southampton

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What is a Zero Gravity Float / Floatation Therapy?

Floatation Therapy is a great way to help our mind to rest, re-connect, and recover.


You will float in a zero-gravity pod in an environment that allows you to unwind and relax.


What does the floatation therapy experience involve?

This experience is perfect to do with a good friend or as a couple.

You will both enjoy a 60-minute floatation experience in different rooms at the same time.


Afterwards, you will be taken to the relaxation room, where you will have a joint 30-minute introductory wellness session with one of Options Wellbeing's professional wellbeing staff and enjoy some refreshments.


If you have any questions about the float or the wellness/wellbeing session, please get in touch

How will the wellbeing session work?

The session will focus on the four pillars of wellness (Eat, Relax, Sleep & Movement) and you will learn everyday tips & techniques to help you.


Your 30-minute wellness session with one of our wellbeing professionals is an introduction to how you can maintain good mental health and wellbeing.

When can I do this experience?

Starting January 2023, these sessions are a LIMITED TIME OFFER.


The full experience will last 1.5 hours (1hr Floatation experience, followed by 30 mins wellbeing chat)


Get in touch and secure your space today to avoid disappointment.

How much does it cost?

This new, immersive experience is £99 for two people.


This includes a 1hr float per person and a 30-minute joint wellness session afterwards with refreshments.

How can floatation therapy benefit me?

Flotation Therapy of 'Floating' is the perfect opportunity to escape the business of everyday life and allow your mind to rest, relax, and recover.


Floating can help in many different ways:

  • Stress relief, Anxiety, Depression, & PTSD
  • Muscle Tension, Chronic Pain & Headaches
  • Sports Recovery & Performance
  • Pregnancy

This therapeutic experience can vary greatly between individuals and offer different benefits to different people.


Take some time out for you and immerse yourself in this self-care experience.


Find out more about the benefits of floating here

Can I talk to someone about it if I want to know more?

Yes, absolutely! Please email us on info@optionscounselling.co.uk and one of the team will get in touch.

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