NewsFree support for Soton’s frontline social care workers to help cope with life post-pandemic

Free support for Soton’s frontline social care workers to help cope with life post-pandemic


We’re offering frontline social care workers in Southampton free counselling to help them deal with their experiences during the pandemic (July 2022).

Many frontline care workers may be suffering from the effects of the pandemic and not realise it.

Going above and beyond

Frontline social care workers, including in care homes or in the community in customer’s homes, played a huge role in getting Southampton through the pandemic. They worked tirelessly and at great risk, going above and beyond their usual roles to support the vulnerable people they care for. Many also saw customers and colleagues die during the two years.

Dealing with lifechanging events

When a big, life-changing event happens, we often don’t stop to think about how we’ve been affected by it, so we want to help care workers in our city process what they had to deal with and understand how what they experienced might be manifesting itself within their lives now. They could be feeling anxious, stressed or depressed but may not be able to determine the reason why, and we want to help them talk about their experiences and offer them coping strategies to use in everyday life.

We’re here to help

We’ve already had wonderful feedback from people we’re currently supporting and we’re seeing a positive impact on individual’s lives as a direct result of our service. But there’s much more we can do, and we know that there are many more frontline social care staff who we can help.

They may be individuals who cannot afford counselling or would just like someone to talk to – we’re here for them and urge them to contact us as soon as they can.

We want to support those who had and still have got the backs of everyone else who’s vulnerable in our society and help keep them safe and well too.

Tools and skills to maintain wellness independently

Our professional counsellors will listen without judgement and support those who need it; helping to find the best way to deal with the impact together, giving people the tools and skills to maintain wellness independently and supporting them to a brighter future.

Counselling sessions

Counselling sessions are offered on a one-on-one basis or in small groups, face-to-face, online or by telephone. The service, which we have received limited funding for from Southampton City Council, is available exclusively to frontline social care workers, includes six sessions, completely free of charge and two follow-up sessions. These are to check in and to see how people are doing and if they need more support.

Get in touch

For a confidential, friendly and informal initial chat, please email or call on 023 8063 0219.