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NewsFree places on a new eating disorder course

Free places on a new eating disorder course

If you’re an adult struggling with an eating disorder or caring for someone with one, then we’re offering free places on an eight-session course from November 16 (2021).

We’re inviting sufferers of all types of eating disorder, and those who care for them, to sign up.

Wendy Lee, our Head of Health and Wellbeing, says: “It’s thought one in ten of us nationally has an eating disorder and it’s anticipated that this is set to rise further, and we know, in Southampton, there are long waiting lists to see the NHS Eating Disorder Team.

Confidential sessions

“We’re partnering up with the charity tastelife (hyperlink to) to deliver this new, confidential, eight-session, weekly face-to-face group course, which was accredited by the University of Brighton School of Health Sciences. With four sessions, including two online group check-in sessions, up to Christmas and four in the New Year which traditionally can be difficult times, this course is for sufferers and their friends and family, and includes teaching, discussion, stories of recovery, and tools for life.

“We’re hoping to reach people who may be waiting for the NHS Eating Disorder Team to get in touch or haven’t yet asked for help. The eating issues they’re struggling with may or may not be diagnosed, but they are significantly impacting on their lives, and we can help.

“Places are booking up fast, but we still have capacity to help more people if they would like to join us, and we’d suggest anyone interested gets in touch as soon as they can to secure their place.

Lived experience

“The course is non-threatening, educational, and encourages a self-help approach that really works. It is run in the community by people who have had lived experience and care about those who struggle with eating disorders.”

We’re working with tastelife, a supportive and educational charity that informs about eating disorders, to deliver the course in Southampton.

Attendees are invited to come along for free, there is no barrier to access for this course. However, those who can make a £40 suggested donation to the charity to cover all eight sessions are asked to do so.

Coping strategies

Wendy adds: “Eating disorders are often a symptom of deeper problems and, while this is not an in-depth course to discover and deal with these underlying issues fully, it goes a long way to equipping participants with real understanding and coping strategies.

“This course’s unique approach brings carers and sufferers together in an accepting environment where change is made possible. It is an experience that offers sufferers and carers a way forward and puts the steering wheel firmly in the hands of the sufferer.”

The course uses interactive and motivational methods to explain how people can make changes in small steps towards health and wholeness.

Improving wellbeing

The sessions cover: living to eat or eating to live, self-image and addiction, emotions and mind matters. They also include resources and self-awareness exercises to do at home.

We support people to help them explore ways of recognising what is negatively impacting on their lives and finding ways of addressing and improving their wellbeing.

We deliver workshops and one-to-one help on a number of life issues including anxiety, stress management, bereavement, trauma, relaxation, and educational awareness groups on a range of topics including addictions, such as gambling, drinking, and gaming.

Book now

To book a free place on the eight-session tastelife course from November 16, which will take place on Tuesday evenings from 6.45pm to 8.45pm at various safe, neutral venues in the city including Board in the City Cic on Onslow Road, please email support@optionswellbeing.co.uk or call 023 8063 0219.

The Options Team.

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