NewsWe’ve joined the Southampton Mental Health Network

We’ve joined the Southampton Mental Health Network

We’re thrilled to have become the 100th organisation to join the Southampton Mental Health Network (SMHN) in its bid to make Southampton a more mental health friendly city.

Our values surrounding mental health

Wendy Lee, our Head of Wellbeing, said: “We decided to join SMHN because our values surrounding mental health are aligned. We offer low or no-cost services that other members can access on behalf of their clients/members and the networking opportunities are great. It also offers the chance to share information and get key updates and the high-level aim of making Southampton a mental health friendly city.

“SMHN enables people on many levels to come together to discuss mental health issues in the city. It also enables joint working on key consultations and projects around mental health. We would also like to continue joint working, sharing and being involved in research opportunities too.”

Services and support available to Southampton residents

Abi Mason, Network Administration at SMHN, said: “Working for SMHN has opened my eyes to the vast amount of services and support available to residents of Southampton. It’s really encouraging to see so many people joining together with the same vision and we are excited to facilitate the coproduction of organisations to help make Southampton a mental health friendly city. We welcome Options Wellbeing Trust on board and are thrilled they are now a part of our network.”

To join or find out more about joining the network, please visit