BlogRandom Acts of Kindness Day. Be kind to others, but be kinder to yourself.

Random Acts of Kindness Day. Be kind to others, but be kinder to yourself.

By the Options Wellbeing Team


Today (February 17) is Random Acts of Kindness Day, which is the perfect day to be kind to others. It’s also the ideal opportunity to treat yourself to a bit of self-care too.

Everyday struggles

People experience stresses and worries every day. For many it can be a daily struggle and they can feel overwhelmed.

Try Self-care

Why not take some time out today for self-care? Invest in you and your mental health and wellbeing. Looking after your own mental health and wellbeing will help to maintain a healthy lifestyle and have a positive impact on you and your life.

Many people say, “I don’t have the time to stop” or “I have responsibilities for others that I need to do first”. While this may be true, if you keep pushing yourself to the limit without pausing to consider the negative impact it may be having on you, things could get worse. Worse for not just you, but perhaps also for those around you.

It’s not worth the risk

Our question back is, can you really afford to push yourself so far that there’s a negative impact on your life? Try a bit of self-care. Consider taking a break during your day. Even put a slot in your diary on your phone so you know it’s just for you.

Maybe build up to a longer self-care session. You could start with ten minutes doing something small today and then a longer session another day.

Top tips for self-care

Here are some top tips and suggestions of what you could try in your self-care time:

  • Go outside for a walk – walking is a fantastic way to improve your mood and mental wellbeing by getting up and out of the house and getting some fresh air. It can even help with depression and help reduce stress
  • Read a book or a magazine – it’s important we all reduce the amount of time we are on our computers, mobile phones or watching TV. Reading a book or magazine is a great way to do this and have some time to escape
  • Take a bath – bubbles, candles, and time sat reflecting is an excellent form of self-care and a great way to unwind before bed
  • Try online yoga – mix aspects of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness. It’s perfect for people wanting a mindfulness retreat to focus on self-care. It can also help to combat anxiety, stress, and depression. The best thing – you can do it all from the comfort of your own home!
  • Eat well – we all know that a healthy diet can benefit the mind and body, so make sure your diet is packed full of fruit and veg
  • Phone a friend – it’s so important to talk to someone else at least once per day, even if it is for a quick chat about frivolous subjects. It’s a great way to unwind
  • Do something creative – this could be drawing, painting, knitting, crafting, the possibilities are endless. It’s a great way to occupy your mind.
  • Listen to some music that makes you feel good – pop your favourite song on and turn it up!
  • Journal – getting your thoughts out of your mind and onto paper is a great way to work through them and ease any worries or stress.
  • Plan something to look forward to – this could be a day trip, a meal out or something simple like a walk or meeting friends or family.
  • Start a WRAP course – if you want to be in control of your wellness, be able to advocate for yourself, or find your way back to a position of good emotional health and wellbeing, sign up for a Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP) course.
We can help too

Options Wellbeing offers a Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP) course. We can work with you to identify the tools that keep you well and create action plans to put into practice in your everyday life.

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