NewsSessions to help those with eating disorders after Easter celebrations

Sessions to help those with eating disorders after Easter celebrations


During and after the Easter holidays it can be a particularly difficult time for people suffering with eating difficulties, such as overeating or restricting food. Celebratory events such as Easter bring family and friends together and food is inevitably involved.

This is one of the reasons why we are running an eight-week course from April 26 to help anyone that needs it once the celebrations have ended.

Struggling with food-based celebratory events?

Many struggle with eating in bigger groups with family or friends or find it hard to cope with the festive advertisements everywhere and the encouragement to overindulge on chocolate eggs and hot cross buns. It can be a lot to deal with for people who struggle with food and creates stress, anxiety and unwanted coping behaviours.

Our course is also suitable for anyone who is currently caring for a person with an eating disorder. It is non-threatening, educational, and encourages a self-help approach that really works. It is run in the community by people who have had lived experience and care about those who struggle with eating disorders and disordered eating. The course uses interactive and motivational methods to explain how people can make changes in small steps towards health and wholeness.

What course sessions involve

The sessions cover: living to eat or eating to live, self-image, emotions and mind matters. They also include resources and self-awareness exercises to do at home.

Sessions run weekly from April 26 until June 14 on Tuesday evenings from 6.45pm to 8.45pm at Board in the City in Southampton.

Attendees who can make a £40 suggested donation to the charity to cover all eight sessions are asked to do so, however there is no financial barrier to access for this course. Anyone concerned about the cost is asked to speak to one of our course leaders.

Advance bookings are essential and can be made by emailing

Eating disorders in the UK

Currently it is understood that one in ten people nationally has an eating disorder and this number is set to rise further with long waiting lists to see NHS Eating Disorder Teams.

We understand that the local Eating Disorders Service has seen a 48% increase in referrals on pre-Covid times. We’re hoping to reach people who may be waiting for the NHS Eating Disorder Team to get in touch or haven’t yet asked for help. The eating issues people are struggling with may or may not be diagnosed, but they are significantly impacting on their lives, and we can help.

Places are booking up fast, but we still have capacity to help more people if they would like to join us. We suggest anyone interested gets in touch as soon as they can to secure their place.

Equipping attendees

Eating disorders are often a symptom of deeper problems and, while this is not an in-depth course to discover and deal with these underlying issues fully, it goes a long way to equipping participants with real understanding and coping strategies.

This course’s unique approach brings carers and sufferers together in an accepting environment where change is made possible. It is an experience that offers sufferers and carers a way forward and puts the steering wheel firmly in the hands of the sufferer.

The course uses interactive and motivational methods to explain how people can make changes in small steps towards health and wholeness.


tastelife is about just that: tasting life. tastelife believes in breaking free from eating disorders and rediscovering life in all its fullness.

How to book

To book a place on the eight-session tastelife course from April 26, which will take place on Tuesday evenings from 6.45pm to 8.45pm, please email