NewsTherapists needed to help with growing mental health referrals in Soton

Therapists needed to help with growing mental health referrals in Soton


We’ve put out an urgent plea this month to find 30 Associate Therapists and Practitioners in Southampton to meet demand as mental health referrals soar.

Recently released 2021 data shows mental health services in England received a record 4.3 million referrals.

Waiting lists

Claire Trent, Service Manager at our therapy hub on Shirley Road, explains: “COVID – the uncertainty, the worry and the lockdowns – significantly took its toll on wellbeing in England according to the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

“When it analysed NHS Digital data, it found that there were 3.3 million specific referrals to specialist adult mental health services in 2021.

“This is up from a pre-pandemic total in 2019 of 3.7 million. The NHS delivered 1.8 million mental health consultations in December 2021 alone. And there are still 1.4 million people out there waiting for treatment, including a proportion in our area.

‘Biggest hit to mental health in generations’

“The Royal College of Psychiatrists is labelling the pandemic as the ‘biggest hit to mental health in generations.’

“We’re seeing a much greater demand for our services and are receiving an uplift in referrals from the NHS.

A lot of referrals

“So, we’re looking for qualified therapists or practitioners to join our team now to deal with the demand and to help those on waiting lists who need support.

“Many individual counsellors may be seeing their private work drying up. But as we receive a lot of referrals from our partners who work for and with the NHS, we’re seeing a huge demand still.

Loneliness, isolation & anxiety

“Our services deal with issues connected with loneliness and isolation exacerbated by the restrictions, which are now overflowing into the current phase, post-pandemic, that we’re now going into.

“Also, anxiety has increased as people return to their workplaces without social distancing and masks, leaving home, where they have felt safe, and dealing with being in close contact with colleagues once again.


“Relationships have suffered in the past two years too and breakdowns are rising, so we’re counselling a lot more people. We’re supporting people who, in some cases, have been married or with their partner for decades and are now finding themselves moving out of their family home, missing their children and struggling financially and emotionally.”

We’re now seeing demand for face-to-face and client evening appointments, as individuals return to their pre-pandemic work life.

We ask applicants to commit to a minimum of four hours per week during the daytime and one evening per week.

Host of benefits

Those who join us as associate therapists or practitioners will receive a whole host of benefits including working in a team.

Get in touch

We’re looking for people with experience in trauma, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, relationship, alcohol and gambling issues.

Anyone who is a qualified therapist or practitioner and registered with a recognised professional body such as BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy), BABCP, UKCP, CA, ANLP & NCS, is invited to get in touch.

Full job description and details here.