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Your wellness, your way

By the Options Wellbeing Team


Do you want to create a plan to get and keep a great level of wellbeing in your life?

If so, check out the WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) five key concepts to wellness.

WRAP is a simple and powerful process for creating the life and wellness you want.

With WRAP you can discover simple, safe, and effective tools to create and maintain wellness, develop a daily plan to stay on track with your life and wellness goals, identify triggers and what throws you off track and develop a plan to keep moving forward, gain support and stay in control, even in a crisis.

The five key concepts of WRAP are:
  • Hope
  • Personal responsibility
  • Education
  • Self-advocation
  • Support

Hope is the belief that once we can get ourselves well and stay well, we can go on to fulfil our dreams and goals.

Once you have figured out what hope means to you, you can think of ways to increase hope in your life.

Personal responsibility

We are all responsible for our own personal wellbeing and to stay well, but we may need support from providers, family or friends. It is up to you to decide what resources are needed and the steps you take to be responsible for your wellness.


Learning all we can about our experiences helps us make healthy decisions. You can explore steps you want to take to learn more about any area of mental health and wellness.


In order to support our wellness and recovery, we need to reach out to others and express what we need. You can decide for yourself how you want to self-advocate in different areas of life, such as with personal relationships, home life, employment, socially, spiritually and financially, including how you want to communicate your needs and preferences to others in your network.


Receiving support from others, and giving support, helps us feel better and enhances our quality of life, making us feel good about positively contributing to others and perhaps the community. You get to decide what support means to you, what you look for in supporters, and how you want to provide and receive support.

How we can help you

WRAP isn’t therapy or an expensive programme or medical treatment, it’s a simple, practical plan created in a way that is meaningful to you to manage and share with your supporters, when and how you want to.

Book your place on our WRAP course and learn new ways of maintaining your mental health and wellbeing.